Why Albelie?

At ALBELIE, we understand that every woman is special, which is why our outfits are designed keeping in mind their convenience and comfort.

We focuses upon Comfort, Everyday Wear, and Made in India.

Our goal is to deliver our consumers with fashion that serves their every need in silhouettes that never stops them from doing their every day chores at ease.

This is why our designers pick silhouettes that provide our consumers with the best fit and at the same time allow them to stay up-to-date with the contemporary styles. The brand embraces age-old traditions by redesigning and reviving them in our designs for the modern Indian woman.

We weave fiber into fashion domestically with the goal of promoting the employment of home-grown factories, tailor masters and small job workers.


ALBELIE stands for a truly Indian product, which is inspired in India, sourced in India, and Made in India for India.